Hi, I'm Haley, and I assure you the pleasure is all mine!

I'm a robot-loving, leather jacket wearing, coffee drinking Midwestern gal that can't seem to decide on a hair color lasting more than six months.

I photograph fun events, food & product, and whatever captures my eye when I'm traveling. When I'm not booking sessions, I can be found driving aimlessly through the country looking for interesting and forgotten places, and hoping I don't fall through the floor of some abandoned building (this has happened to me before - go ahead, ask me about it!).

My style of photography could be described largely as "lifestyle", and I shoot on-location. Natural light combined with organic backdrops and a photographer who focuses on telling your story really make for wonderful photos! 

I love traveling, and am happy to go just about anywhere on assignment. I LOVE working with other small businesses.

Some of my other passions include playing music, going to art shows, and finding new holes-in-the-wall to eat in and hoping I don't end up with a bout of food poisoning. And giant squids. I really love giant squids.

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